We’re back in business. Training at our core locations will begin again in June.


It’s awesome to be back in business. The truth is we never really went away as we’ve been able to continue supporting customers with GWO training at their sites via our onsite training services. But, getting back into our main training facilities will be a welcome change and we look forward to seeing techs on our courses.

As part of our reopening strategy we will be adhering to strict social distancing. This includes capping courses to no more than 6 attendees, ensuring desks are 6 feet apart in classrooms, wearing gloves and masks for practical exercises.

Suffice to say we take the safety measures seriously and will ensure that we have adequate supplies of PPE available at all times. Where special requirements are needed we will work with our customers to ensure, where possible, that these are implemented.


If you’d like to talk about how we can support your GWO training and you’d like more information get in touch.


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