As the sector continues to grow we thought it was a great opportunity to look at the state of Wind energy in the USA this year and what lies ahead.

Wind Energy has had a lot of press coverage recently, not everything that has been said is great for the sector. However most of what has come out from certain people is in stark contrast to the actual facts! With this in mind we thought it was a great opportunity to look at the state of Wind Energy in the USA and what lies ahead in 2019 and beyond.


Offshore Wind Energy takes off

A recent white paper by the Special Initiative on Offshore Wind (SIOW) indicates that off shore wind will generate in excess of 20 Gigawatts of cost efficient power from 2030. Alongside nearly $70 billion in revenue opportunities for US companies in the supply chain. With 3 operational sites and a further in development it’s not just revenue that will be created for US companies but jobs for US workers. Wind Energy is already one of the fastest growing jobs markets in the USA and this is set to continue as demand increases for cleaner energy with wind well placed to deliver.


Corporate wind deals benefit the wider community

As companies look to secure their energy needs for now and the future there is a clear drive towards renewable energy sources as opposed to traditional power generation methods. The deals have far reaching benefits for the communities and workers who support the wind energy sector. Well known organisations like Facebook have made a clear commitment to wind energy creating hundreds of jobs in the process with other well know organisations following such as AT&T and Google. These forward thinking companies have set themselves impressive targets, in Facebooks respect to use 100% renewable energy by 2050. On the face of it these deals may be perceived as good PR but there’s underlying sentiment regarding companies with forward thinking energy and sustainability policies, they perform better. Which all ads up to good news for wind.


The jobs market

As a sector renewable energy employs over 750,000 people in the USA. Compare this to coal with 160,000 employees and it’s clear where the smart money is these days.Wind energy has seen double digit job creation for the last few years and as new wind farm developments get green lighted driven by demand from both private and corporate America this is unlikely to slow. From STL’s perspective we have seen a dramatic increase in GWO training enquiries as technicians strive to gain the qualifications needed for a successful career in wind energy.


Where is wind going?

The short answer, despite what you might here, is nowhere. The sector is enjoying amazing growth despite shifting national energy policy. Cities and States continue to push towards their greener energy targets in spite of what the national executive is focussing on. Corporate America is also playing it’s role. Large companies continue to favour wind as they aim to shift their usage from traditional supply methods to sustainable sources. All in all it’s an exciting time to be working in Wind Energy.



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