No fuss personal rescue for high pressure scenarios

Few scenarios are more stressful and pressurized than having to evacuate from a wind turbine due to injury or the risk of injury. Wind technicians receive a huge amount of training and have a number of devices at their disposal to ensure they can get out when the pressure is on and there is a real risk to life and limb.

There tend to be 2 kinds of devices favored by technician teams, single-use, personal rescue devices, and rescue systems. We’re big fans of both, but especially equipment that takes into account the situations when they are likely to be used.

Complicated is not your friend

The Wind Escape personal rescue has been designed as a no-fuss, easy-to-use rescue device with an anti-panic function. Why? because complicated is not your friend in a real rescue or evacuation scenario. The key is the high-pressure scenario, which affects our ability to perform tasks we are otherwise skilled at. Think of a kicker missing a high-pressure kick in a football game. In practice, they likely hit almost all their kicks so why miss something they should be able to do with ease – pressure? 

This is no different from a high-pressure situation in a wind turbine. Skills we thought we had down can sometimes disappear, we panic and that’s why we believe the Wind Escape has the edge put simply it’s designed with this in mind.

Key features 

Minimum use temperature of -30°C.
– It incorporates a 5mm diameter Technora rope resistant to high temperature and tears.
– Easy maintenance thanks to its vacuum packaging that simplifies the revision.
– Customisable rope length of up to 200m.
– CE EN 341:2011/2D: working load 40 – 120kg.
– ANSI Z359.4-2013: working load 60 – 141kg.
– 200m version’s weight: 4.4kg.

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