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Is wind energy a good career choice?

10 reasons why wind energy is a sound career choice As the world continues to grapple with the growing climate crisis and the urgent need to transition to renewable sources
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STL USA partnering with colleges

STL USA partnering with colleges

STL USA partnering with colleges to implement GWO training Watch our latest video explaining how we can help colleges implement GWO and why it’s important. STL USA partnering
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wind escape features

Wind Escape Features

Serious features for serious situations The Wind Escape Features are specifically designed with technician safety in mind. But, more than that they are designed for high-pressure, stressful situations. The Wind
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GWO Training in Abilene

GWO Training in Abilene

GWO Training in Abilene from STL USA GWO Training in Abilene includes a complete range of courses delivered by highly experienced trainers GWO Training in Abilene has been delivered by
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Wind Escape personal rescue

Personal Rescue device for Wind technicians

No fuss personal rescue for high pressure scenarios Few scenarios are more stressful and pressurized than having to evacuate from a wind turbine due to injury or the risk of
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Announcing new
GWO Courses

Announcing STL USA's range of NEW GWO Courses.

BTT Bolt Tightening
BTT Installation
Control of Hazardous Energies
Lift Training