GWO training during the Covid-19 outbreak will be available as two options.


During the outbreak it’s vital that we continue to provide safety services to our clients in the renewable energy sector. STL USA are taking every step to ensure GWO safety training is conducted in a clean and secure environment that minimises the risk to our attendees and employees. We are continuing to offer two training options for wind technicians.


Update March 26th, 2020.

All training courses will be restricted to a maximum of 6 people, 5 trainees and 1 trainer.


Onsite training

STL USA are the only company accredited by the GWO to offer GWO onsite training in the USA. This means we can attend a customer site to perform the full GWO Basic Safety Training course. This requires the use of a turbine and a facility that can double as a classroom for a maximum of 10 people. Onsite training requires a ratio of 1 instructor to 4 technicians and during this time we are capping all courses at a max of 8 technicians plus 2 instructors. For a class of 4 the course will run as normal, for a class of 8 attendees will be split into 2 groups and the second group will run on a reverse schedule of the first to minimise contact.

We are able to service locations across North America however we will treat each enquiry on a case by case basis.


Training center

From March 31st our training centers are running a reduced timetable. Courses in Texas will start on April 20th and 27th for full GWO Basic Safety Training and in Iowa on April 27th. Courses may be cancelled or changed at short notice during this period we will endeavour to keep our customers informed of developments as we react to them in all cases.


Taking steps to stay safe

The safety of our customers and employees is always our primary concern. All steps in accordance with Federal Government and World Health Organisation guidelines have been implemented by STL USA. In addition modifications to GWO training courses have been applied which minimise the risks for everyone involved in a training course.

Anyone presenting with:

  • Flu like
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Shortness of Breath

will not be allowed to join a training course and registration will be delayed until symptoms no longer exist and the person is medically passed fit to train.

In specific modules

  1. During First Aid and Enhanced First Aid (including refresher) modules for when practicing CPR on a resuscitation mannequin. Training staff will continue to demonstrate correct CPR, however course participants (delegates) shall not be required to perform mouth-to-mouth on a mannequin. However, delegates must still practice establishing an airway and verbally confirming delivery and the correct number of rescue breaths (without contact between course participants mouth and the mannequin’s mouth), and otherwise complete the exercise as described.
  2. During Working at Height initial and refresher training, all practical exercises will be performed using a rescue dummy as injured person (casualty), including the double evacuation and ladder rescues of a conscious person
  3. During Advanced Rescue Training (Initial and Refresher), when performing practical rescue exercises where the course participants (delegates) are required to work in teams, these exercises will be carried out as single rescuer, making sure to cover planning of rescue in teams and teams communication during rescue.

The whole team at STL USA encourage you to stay safe during this difficult time.


If you would like to discuss an onsite or training center course contact us.

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