The GWO Basic Safety Training modules comprise four core modules and Sea Survival aimed at offshore technicians. Find out more about the modules below.

The GWO Basic Safety Training modules comprise; First Aid, Fire Awareness, Manual Handling, Working at Height and Sea Survival. Each module can be taken as a separate training course although most technicians opt to take the core modules as one course with refreshers at two yearly intervals. Collectively designed to provide technicians with a solid safety baseline across a number of scenarios GWO Basic Safety training is rightly considered the industry benchmark and a requirement for all technicians working in wind energy.

The core modules comprise:

GWO Fire Awareness

GWO First Aid

GWO Manual Handling

GWO Working at Height


Safety Technology USA run a variety of courses including all the GWO Basic Safety Training modules at locations in Texas, Iowa and onsite at clients wind facilities. In addition we run GWO Working at Height courses at a new center located in Kansa City. Courses run over five days for all the GWO Basic Safety Training modules. With individual modules taking place over a half day, single day or two days for the working at height and first aid elements. Refresher courses are a little shorter but still ensure that technicians are trained in the latest standard.

THE STL USA curse calendar runs Monday to Friday most weeks of the year, with courses starting on Mondays. Technicians train with an instructor at a ratio of 1:6. We are lucky to have access to some of the premier training facilities in the USa. Our Texas and Iowa training centers have a variety of climbing structures and simulated nascelles to ensure that training is conducted in an environment as close to the real thing as possible. We also offer the options for onsite GWO training.  We were keen to develop an onsite option after consultation with our clients. The logistics of moving technicians across country and more importantly taking them out of the field of work for extended periods is an obvious problem. Onsite training allows us to conduct a risk assessment and then perform the training on familiar equipment. This helps keep costs down and ensures that should the technicians be called away they are in the right place to handle any emergencies. We’ve adapted onsite so that a certain amount of flexibility exists in how the modules are delivered in order to cope with last minute attendance issues.


If you are interested in finding out more about a GWO Training course get in touch via the link below.

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