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The industry standard safety course

The full GWO Basic Safety Training course is the global standard for safety qualifications in the Wind Energy sector. Technicians traditionally take the four core modules: Fire Awareness, First Aid, Manual Handling and Working at Height with Sea Survival available as an elective module.

the industry standard technical course

The full GWO Basic Technical Training course is the global standard for technical qualifications in the Wind Energy sector. v8 of BTT covers four core modules: Bolt Tightening Mechanical, Electrical, and Hydraulic with Installation available as an add-on module or in conjunction with Mechanical.

advanced rescue Training for wind techs

Advanced rescue training for technicians who have completed the GWO Basic Safety Training Working at Height module. ART covers both hub and nacelle group rescue and individual rescue scenarios across four modules.

the industry standard technical course

The full GWO Control of Hazardous Energies. course includes the modules; Basic Safety, Electrical Safety, Pressure Fluid Safety. These modules enable individuals to manage the risks associated with each form of energy found in a wind turbine environment.

Low and High Voltage Electrical Safety Training

The GWO lift course ensures participants learn to take responsibility to support and care for themselves and others while operating and working on a lift in the wind industry.

*Ask a team member about adding a 3S Lift user cert to the GWO training.

technical courses for wind technicians

A range of technical courses designed to develop technical competence and job skills for beginner and intermediate technicians.

Courses include:

Wind headstart (2 day) 
GE 1.X/2.X Basic Training (5 day)
MCE Up tower troubleshooting/training (Schematic reading, gearbox & generator) (2 days)

GE 1.X/2.X Enhanced Basic Training (5 day)
GE 1.X/2.X ESS Converter (4 days)

technical courses for wind technicians
Low and High Voltage Electrical Safety Training

The low and high voltage electrical safety training to standard NFPA 70E is a wind-specific, face-to-face training program designed to equip wind technicians with the electrical safety knowledge, best work practices in electrical safety, and how to apply them in real-world situations.

fast track into the wind industry

3 week accreditation course

  • GWO – Basic Safety, Basic Technical, plus elective (Advanced Rescue or BTT Installation, or Control of Hazardous Energy)
  • NFPA 70E Low and High Voltage
  • Free access to job portal

4 week accreditation + technical course

  • All of the above, plus
  • 5 day technical introduction to wind turbines (Uptower, Down tower, Gearbox, Motor Controls and more)
Leading technical training for wind technicians
Why stl usa?

Train better, work safer.

Customers choose STL USA because we live by our mantra:

Train better, work safer.

Over the past 8 years we have trained over 2,000 technicians working closely with clients such as RWE, Siemens Gamesa, duke energy, And many more.

Extensive Course Programs

GWO Basic Safety Training
GWO Basic Technical Training
GWO Advanced Rescue


Extensive field experience
1,000s of hours of teaching
Highly qualified trainers

Course Materials

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Announcing new
GWO Courses

Announcing STL USA's range of NEW GWO Courses.

BTT Bolt Tightening
BTT Installation
Control of Hazardous Energies
Lift Training