GWO BTT Bolt Tightening & GWO BTT Installation

GWO BTT Bolt Tightening & GWO BTT Installation

New GWO BTT Bolt Tightening & GWO BTT Installation courses from STL USA

As many of you will be aware there has been quite a major change to the GWO Basic Technical Training in the v8 release this May. This has seen the addition of the GWO BTT Bolt Tightening module which sits alongside the core modules of Electrical, Hydraulic, and Mechanical forming a 4 module standard BTT course.

STL USA has added GWO BTT Bolt Tightening & GWO BTT Installation to our course portfolio enabling us to offer a combination of BTT modules dependent on customer needs.

To date, STL USA is still the only US-based training provider to offer GWO BTT Bolt Tightening

GWO Entry-level framework shakes things up

Take up of the GWO Entry-Level Framework continues at pace with many of STL USA’s customers adopting the guidelines for training requirements for new and existing technicians.

 Alongside ACP’s micro-credentials these frameworks represent a further standardisation of skills across the industry which brings clarity and improves performance levels. STL USA is a big supporter of these initiatives as they will be vital to ensure that the fast-growing workforce has the skills required to keep the entire wind industry moving in the right direction.

Get ahead of the game with STL USA

Many of the leading OEMs and site owners are pushing hard for GWO adoption across their supply chains with tight deadlines to ensure technicians have all the required certificates. STL USA is well placed to train across the entire range of courses from our world-leading training center in Abilene, Texas, and at client locations across the country.



Learn more 

Get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team and find out how you can get the best training and save money along the way.

Digital wind training coming soon

Digital wind training coming soon

Digital wind training coming soon from STL USA

The whole team at STL USA is getting excited for the launch of STL USA Digital, a comprehensive digital learning and management platform exclusively for the wind industry.

STL USA Digital has been designed to offer practical benefits to both wind techs and companies who require training and learning solutions. 

Avoiding digital for digital’s sake

Led by our VP Ben Dickens the digital project has been focussed on 3 key user and customer benefits.

  • Ease of use/improves efficiency
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Improvement in training and learning quality

This user focussed approach ensures that STL USA continues to offer best in class solutions, focussed on the needs of customers.

We strongly believe that STL USA Digital will make the overall experience of wind tech education better, enabling more learning opportunities on a more regular basis. This ties into STL USA’s long term vision which is to help build a future proof workforce for wind.

As we grow and develop STL USA Digital we anticipate it becoming the go to resource for this fast moving industry.


STL USA is well-placed to lead in digital

If you had a penny for every time someone wanted to build an app!

Sadly, and particularly within b2b industries, diving into digital transformation without a clear idea of what needs to be achieved is all to common. It was something that has preyed on our minds throughout the project. Focussing on the customer has helped us keep on track for a solution that works and more importantly delivers value.

However, we have had a bit of head start. STL USA Digital has been steered by North American VP Ben Dickens who brings over 20 years experience in building digital and integrated solutions. Ben’s background in marketing and tech has been invaluable and can certainly be said to be unique amongst USA wind training providers. Previous projects Ben has led include AI learning solutions, LMS solutions, travel apps, digital finance and banking, it’s a big list. It’s also vitally important as this experience feeds directly into the digital solution and m makes sure it does what it says on the tin.


Get ahead of the queue

Get in touch and book a walk through of the system with one of STL USAs customer team

American Wind Week

This week is American Wind Week, an opportunity to celebrate wind energy and demonstrate how wind energy works for all Americans.

The AWEA (American Wind Energy Association) hosted the inaugural “American Wind Week” in 2017 in celebration of wind power emerging as America’s No. 1 source of renewable energy. This quickly became an annual event where wind companies and supporters host a wide variety of events around the country to show how wind works for all Americans.

Each year in August, elected officials will visit wind farms and factories across the country to show their support. It’s an initiative that STL USA is 100% behind without a wind industry we wouldn’t have anyone to provide GWO training to!


Some of the great stories from American Wind Week

New York celebrates Wind Week



New jobs encourage young New Mexicans to stay in the state


There’s a ton of news over on the AWEA’s news feed just follow the link here.


The key themes of American Wind Week 2019

Each day through wind week we’ve been focusing on a different aspect of wind energy. We’ve covered wind’s contribution to rural communities, job creation, jobs for ex service men and woman and the reduction in carbon emissions. Head over to our social to see more.

Wind week is a brilliant initiative by the AWEA and we hope to be a part of it for years to come.


Texas the Wind Energy state.

When you think of energy wind isn’t the first source that springs to mind when you say Texas. But given Texas’ is the leading state in wind energy so we thought we’d explore in more detail.


Texas produces the most wind power of any US state, it’s also home to one of our premier GWO training centers. In 2017, 16% of electricity generated was from wind. Texas has over 40 projects the largest of which is the Roscoe wind farm others include the Hollow Wind Energy Center, Sherbino WInd Farm and the Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm.

Texas is well positioned for a thriving wind sector, west and southern areas benefit from strong predictable winds especially during the day when consumption is at its highest. This is heavily reflected in the jobs market. Wind energy is one of the fastest growing sectors in the USA and a large percentage of those jobs are in Texas. In fact Texas has become somewhat of a mecca for people looking for the steady paycheck that wind energy can provide. There are an estimate 230,000+ jobs in clean energy as a sector (solar, wind, energy efficiency) and an estimated 10,000+ jobs were created in 2018 alone.

Put into context if Texas were a country it would be the sixth largest wind energy producer in the world, the bulk of which is generated in Nolan county. At peak output wind energy has contributed as much as 50% of the states power needs although this normally sits around the 15% mark. It’s these kind of figures that show just what an important role Texas has to play.

It’s not just the turbines themselves that have contributed to job creation it’s the supply chain businesses that are cropping up as part of the wider ecosystem that will continue the growth. From blade manufacturers and components manufacturers through to companies recycling older parts and turning them into building panels the entire sector is awash with opportunity.

Texas’ position as the nation’s wind energy jobs leader is also driving changes in education with many technical and four-year colleges now offering degrees and certificates related to the wind industry.  These include turbine service technicians, wind energy project managers, engineers and operations managers.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Texas employs 1,440 wind turbine service technicians, with the average technician making approximately $53,650 annually.

It’s also good news for consumers who enjoy lower costs with the growth of this energy industry with residential power rates approximately 10 percent lower than the national average and industrial power rates approximately 20 percent lower than the national average.

As the leading state for wind energy Texas is the perfect place for our GWO training facility. Located in Sweetwater the center is a modern, state of the art training facility. For more information and to book a training course click the link below:


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Linking to Texas training centres, focussing on Texas as the leading state for wind energy in the USA.

May wind energy round up

May has been a great month for renewable energy and wind energy in particular. This week we look at the best stories in the sector.

Our May wind energy news round up covers the best stories from around the sector. With so much going on in wind energy and renewables we filter out the noise and bring you the big stories. As well as great news from US cities such as Dallas and Chicago, wind energy surpassed coal for output and we take a look at the GWO accreditations.


Dallas signs major renewable energy contract.

The City of Dallas has entered into a major contract with TXU Energy. The city will draw power initially from the Foard City Wind Farm in west Texas. This new contract should pave the way for major reductions in energy costs, as much as $80 million over the next 10 years according to the city administrators. This is another great example of a US city taking the initiative and moving to more sustainable energy sources to secure the future energy needs of the local administration.


Renewable energy tops coal energy production for the first time.

Although this story broke at the end of April we felt it was so important that we had to feature it! For the first time ever in April and also hopefully for May renewable energy sources generated more energy than coal. This is highly significant because despite a backdrop of reduced federal subsidies the renewable sector continues to grow apace. This demonstrates a huge surge it renewable output. As little as five years ago this simply wouldn’t be possible and with more onshore and offshore projects in the pipeline renewable energy capacity is on the increase.


Chicago follow suit and commits to 100% clean energy.

Much like Dallas and other US cities before it Chicago has committed to 100% clean energy. By 2035 they want every building to run on renewable energy and by 2040 they want the entire bus service to be electric. Chicago’s home state Illinois is aiming for a carbon-free power sector by 2030. This equates to over 2,500 new wind turbines scheduled to be built in the coming years. This shouldn’t pose a problem for Chicago after all it is the windy city. Like Dallas it’s hugely encouraging to see this and for a city to be setting such ambitious targets. Let’s hope we see even more US cities follow suit.


Getting inside the GWO accreditations.

We take a look at the main GWO accreditations. Basic Safety Training and Basic Technical Training. Each is made up of a series of specialist modules which combined make up the two cornerstones of GWO training. In our latest insight into the training standards we take you through the main points and what you should expect from a training course.

Read More


Next month we’ll be bringin you all the best news and more information on GWO training. If you need to know more now then get in touch as we’d love to help.

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The state of Wind Energy in the USA

As the sector continues to grow we thought it was a great opportunity to look at the state of Wind energy in the USA this year and what lies ahead.

Wind Energy has had a lot of press coverage recently, not everything that has been said is great for the sector. However most of what has come out from certain people is in stark contrast to the actual facts! With this in mind we thought it was a great opportunity to look at the state of Wind Energy in the USA and what lies ahead in 2019 and beyond.


Offshore Wind Energy takes off

A recent white paper by the Special Initiative on Offshore Wind (SIOW) indicates that off shore wind will generate in excess of 20 Gigawatts of cost efficient power from 2030. Alongside nearly $70 billion in revenue opportunities for US companies in the supply chain. With 3 operational sites and a further in development it’s not just revenue that will be created for US companies but jobs for US workers. Wind Energy is already one of the fastest growing jobs markets in the USA and this is set to continue as demand increases for cleaner energy with wind well placed to deliver.


Corporate wind deals benefit the wider community

As companies look to secure their energy needs for now and the future there is a clear drive towards renewable energy sources as opposed to traditional power generation methods. The deals have far reaching benefits for the communities and workers who support the wind energy sector. Well known organisations like Facebook have made a clear commitment to wind energy creating hundreds of jobs in the process with other well know organisations following such as AT&T and Google. These forward thinking companies have set themselves impressive targets, in Facebooks respect to use 100% renewable energy by 2050. On the face of it these deals may be perceived as good PR but there’s underlying sentiment regarding companies with forward thinking energy and sustainability policies, they perform better. Which all ads up to good news for wind.


The jobs market

As a sector renewable energy employs over 750,000 people in the USA. Compare this to coal with 160,000 employees and it’s clear where the smart money is these days.Wind energy has seen double digit job creation for the last few years and as new wind farm developments get green lighted driven by demand from both private and corporate America this is unlikely to slow. From STL’s perspective we have seen a dramatic increase in GWO training enquiries as technicians strive to gain the qualifications needed for a successful career in wind energy.


Where is wind going?

The short answer, despite what you might here, is nowhere. The sector is enjoying amazing growth despite shifting national energy policy. Cities and States continue to push towards their greener energy targets in spite of what the national executive is focussing on. Corporate America is also playing it’s role. Large companies continue to favour wind as they aim to shift their usage from traditional supply methods to sustainable sources. All in all it’s an exciting time to be working in Wind Energy.



February wind energy news round up.

Looking back over the February wind energy news there’s been a lot going on in the sector. We summarise the main stories and put our spin on how the sector is shaping up in 2019.

So we’re at the end of the month already. Our February wind energy news round up includes the AWEA San Diego conference, a big push for offshore wind in California and former Iowa State Senator Jeff Danielson joins the AWEA.


AWEA San Diego Conference


AWEA wind energy conference


First up in our February wind energy news round up we head to San Diego. You can read our full preview story here on the 27th and 28th February we will be exhibiting at the Wind Project O&M and Safety Conference. It’s a great opportunity for our industry to come together and discuss the challenges we face. Wind energy is one of the fastest growing sectors across the USA creating jobs in every state in which wind has a presence. But, with such fast growth comes numerous issues faced at every level. From our perspective it’s all about safety, with the great work being done by the GWO we know the industry is well regulated and long may this continue. If you are attending the conference head over to booth 4 and say hi, we’d love to talk you through our full range of GWO training courses.


Former Iowa State Senator Jeff Danielson joins the AWEA


former Iowa State Senator Jeff Danielson joins the AWEAGreat news to see that former Iowa State Senator Jeff Danielson has joined the AWEA. His remit will to lead policy advocacy efforts across Midwestern and Plains states. As a former navy serviceman, firefighter and State Senator Jeff served his community with distinction and we can’t wait to see the results of his efforts for wind energy. Mr Danielson said “I’ll be working for a wonderful organization dedicated to growing a homegrown American energy source that strengthens the economy, improves the health of communities and makes us safer as a nation.” We have a special connection to Iowa as it’s home to one of our training facilities, administered by the Iowa Lakes Community College.

We think the AWEA does an amazing job advocating for the wind energy sector and this kind of high profile appointment shows what a serious player they are in one of the USA’s fastest growing sectors.


Offshore Wind is the Way Forward in California


looking ahead to 2019

A new report “The California Offshore Wind Project: A Vision for Industry Growth,” commissioned by the American Jobs Project in partnership with the Schatz Energy Research Center at Humboldt State University, Pacific Ocean Energy Trust, and BVG Associates. States that offshore wind could spur a new wave of innovation in the State. Given that California s home to some pretty big innovators it’s a bold claim but something that we whole heartedly welcome at STL USA.  According to the report the potential of offshore wind would be enough to produce as much as 1,5 times the amount of electricity needed by the state. It’s also estimated the industry and supply chain could support as many as 17,500 jobs by 2045. One of the key aspects of wind energy is that it’s more cost effective to build turbines in the country they will be used in so the affects would be felt across the supply chain.


Stay tuned for our February newsletter and more insights from the world of wind energy.

January wind energy news round up

We like to keep our finger on the pulse of the wind energy sector so here’s our wind energy news round up with all the top stories from January.

The start of the year has been predictably busy so save some time and read through our wind energy news round up of all the top stories.

AWEA San Diego coming up.


San Diego AWEA

We can’t wait for the AWEA Wind Project O&M and Safety conference at the end of September in San Diego. We’v got a detailed preview in our blog, here. STL will be exhibting, come and see us to talk all thing GWO training.


Budweiser embraces wind energy.


This Bud’s For a Better Tomorrow. (PRNewsfoto/Budweiser)


In Budweiser’s latest Super Bowl ad the brewer highlights its long term commitment to renewable energy. This kind of coverage is amazing for wind energy beaming directly into the homes of millions of consumers and leading the way in responsible energy sourcing.

In 2018 Budweiser announced its commitment to be brewed with 100% renewable electricity from wind power. To celebrate this they are showcasing the commitment on the biggest stage of all. Once again corporate America leads the way in committing to renewables.


Tufts launches M.S in offshore wind engineering.


The first of it’s kind in the USA the masters degrees is testament to the growth in the wind energy sector.

“If wind power is to continue its growth as an energy source, we need not only research and development, but also programs that educate a generation of engineers who are devoted to sustainable development and energy independence,”

comments Laurie Baise, professor and chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, via TuftsNow.

“This is a first step toward making climate and energy sustainability a priority.”

Interested in the course? Find out more here.


Canada joins international renewable energy agency.



Canada has officially become a member of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Joining 159 other countries countries in an organisation devoted to providing clean, sustainable energy for the world’s growing population. The announcement was made earlier this month by Amarjeet Sohi, Canada’s minister of natural resources.

IRENA helps countries to transition to renewable energy, providing a platform for international cooperation and learning on all things renewable energy.


Washington D.C mayor commits to 100% renewable by 2032.



With the mayor’s signing of the Clean Energy D.C. Omnibus Act of 2018, Washington, D.C., has officially committed to transition to 100% renewable electricity by 2032. Joining states such as California and Hawaii as well as 100+ municipalities Washington D.C is the latest to formally commit to a 100% renewable energy goal. This is great news and shows how committed the US is to a sustainable energy future.


That’s it for our news round up we hope you’ve enjoyed the stories. All that’s left to say is see you in San Diego for the AWEA conference!


The wind energy boom.

2019 looks set to be a big year for wind energy across the USA, we look at some of the stats and factors driving this growth.


In the 10 years to 2019 the cumulative capacity of wind energy has tripled to over 90,000 MW. Texas leads the nation with over 24,000 people employed in the wind energy sector. In 2017 four states produced more than 30% of their electricity from wind. Over $145 Billion has been invested in wind in the USA over the last 10 years. From our own perspective we’re seeing a huge increase in demand for our GWO training courses within a sector committed to employee safety.


With figures like these it’s no wonder the sector is booming and all this despite a national backdrop that is removing the nation from the Paris climate accords and trying to revive the failing coal industry. Whilst the investment numbers are staggering the drive to renewables could be seen as somewhat of a grass roots initiative. Despite the national agenda cities are pushing to be 100% renewable by 2035, we covered this last December when we focused on Cincinnati becoming the 100th city to commit to decarbonization.


This month we see the AWEA’s San Diego conference where the industry comes together to discuss and solve the issues that we face, not least due to the fast growth we are experiencing. It’s good to see that the industry is so committed to safety with GWO accreditations now being mandatory for wind turbine workers. The corporate sector is also doing it’s bit. It’s become common place to hear of large corporations like Facebook, WalMart and AT&T commit to wind energy for their electricity needs. It seems the people on the ground and in our corporations believe in wind energy as the solution to their long term sustainability plans which is great news all round.


In fact we are seeing somewhat of a snowball effect. Whether this is driven by need, necessity or great PR mileage it all signals a sector where wind turbine technician jobs are now one of the two fastest growing jobs in the USA. What’s also hugely encouraging are the large numbers of veterans who work within the wind sector. STL has a long history of working with veterans once they have finished serving their country, the skills they learn in the military translate perfectly to the wind sector which is why veterans are employed at a rate 72% above the national average.


To discover more about STL head over to the homepage and find out more about our world class training facilities and courses.

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Cities push for 100% renewable energy.

As Cincinnati becomes the 100th US city to set a goal to move to 100% renewable energy by 2035 we look at the movement that shows no sign of stopping on the road to decarbonizing electricity.

Whilst Cincinnati only has a relatively small population at around 300,000 more populous cities such as San Jose and San Diego have already pledged to hit 100% and it’s estimated that 15% of the total US population live in cities which have set a 100% mandate. All this in a backdrop where the national administration is actively removing itself from the Paris climate change accord and struggling to revive the failing coal industry.

As we’ve heard recently in the press the debate seems to be shifting, less focus on whether or not to decarbonize electricity but when and how fast should it be done. There’s also some ambiguity in what carbon free electricity actually means, in many cases renewables are explicitly mentioned as the solution which does leave the door open for new nuclear plants but these take time to build and there aren;’t any new plants scheduled in California at any rate.

All roads point to renewables which in our opinion is somewhat of an inevitability. Nationally there are some great signs The fledgling US offshore market is likely to make up 15% of all new capacity in the next 10 years as pioneering states such as Massachusetts and New York are joined by California and Delaware in procuring and promoting offshore turbines for their power needs.

With companies also doing their bit such as Facebooks pledge to go 100%renewable by 2020 it seems that the ground swell is being driven despite the governments in place not because of them. In fact in many countries around the world who have made renewable commitments it’s estimated that the private sector will drive demand and help in reaching those targets in advance of many dates that have been set.

The knock on effect is also helping the jobs market. The US renewables sector is creating jobs twice as fast as any other in fact wind turbine technician jobs are set to double by 2026 and with an average salary of $50,000 it’s an attractive sector to be a part of.

As a pioneer of wind turbine safety training Safety Technology USA is positioning itself front and center to handle the demand for GWO accreditations, training and refreshers that will be required to keep the industry going.

Head over to the homepage and find out more about our world class training facilities and course.

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