Rise of the wind techs – TCGM meet up

Rise of the wind techs - TCGM meet up

Join us June 9th in Abilene, TX.

STL USA is delighted to welcome the Tower Climbing Grease Monkey’s (TCGM) team on June 9th. 

The day will be split into two halves. In the morning the TCGM team will be at our Abilene facility to tour the site, have some fun on the tower, and meet with the STL USA team.


Then it’s over to the Mesquite event center where there’ll be food, drinks, and a chance for everyone to let their hair down.

Address details:

STL USA training center

Mesquite event center


We hope to see you there!


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STL USA working with education providers

stl usa working with education

A history of successful college partnerships

STL USA working with education providers has been a constant theme since we began offering wind technician training in the USA.

From the early days working with colleges in Michigan to ongoing partnerships with Texas State Technical College and Iowa Lakes Community College. STL USA has honed a process for simple implementation of commercial wind technician training, most specifically GWO accreditations, the default professional qualification for wind technicians and those looking to work in the field. 

Programmes with education follow a simple 4-step process that allows for a fast, low cost roll-out.. These stages include:


  • QMS set up for partner site
  • Compliance requirements


  • Audit existing facilities for GWO compliance
  • Gap analysis
  • Roadmap to compliance
  • WEEK 1-2 Course attendance and observation
  • WEEK 3 Supported delivery
  • WEEk 4 Observed course delivery
  • Pre-Audit run through
  • Independent GWO audit

STL USA have refined this process to ensure a fast, low-cost delivery that results in GWO accreditation within 6-8 weeks. Additionally, once audited the college can then take advantage of commercial training opportunities with local businesses.

Working with TSTC

The partnership between STL USA and Texas State Technical College dates back over 6 years. Initially developed to service local wind technicians, the program was then extended to students. Incorporating GWO into student studies ensures that graduates are in the best possible position to enter the jobs market. 

“Working with STL USA has allowed us to quickly integrate industry requirements into our undergraduate programs. Simply put this makes our graduates more employable. STL USA takes care of everything ensuring our faculty can get on with teaching. It’s been a pleasure working together.”

TSTC Wind program lead

As we move forward with renewables across the USA new legislation will fuel the sector’s growth. It’s anticipated that the clean energy sector will double in the next 10 years requiring an additional 250,000 people to fill roles. With this in mind, it’s essential that the commercial and education sectors come together to ensure the next generation of wind professionals are able to meet the demands of this fast-moving industry.

If you lead a wind program talk to us now about how STL USA can support the role out of a GWO program for your college.


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Innovating digital wind training

Innovating digital wind training

Looking ahead to STL USA's digital training developments

2023 will see the launch of a number of new digital services from STL USA as we innovate digital wind training.

STL USA’s approach takes a holistic view of the training landscape particularly where digital training is concerned.. What this means in practice is that digital is designed to enhance and augment, not replace because there are certain training exercises you can only do in the real world.

Stage 1

We want to start simple, the wind industry is slowly moving into more digital oriented training but many prefer the face to face approach, in fact for many of our core training courses face to face is a requirement. That’s why we’ll be initially going live with an enhanced booking solution that will allow users to create accounts,  assign and book their technicians onto courses and track outcomes, download certificates and manage the whole process.

This will quickly be followed by theory modules from our most popular GWO courses. These will initially be taken live online with an option to take a fully digital course added as we gain more feedback from our customers.

The key benefit – A sped-up booking and logistics process followed by a reduction in face-to-face time saving money on travel and expenses.


Stage 2

This will see us add further digital-only content with the addition of VR augmented courses maximizing the aspects of each course that can be taught remotely. As our customers build out their technician profiles they will also be able to add third-party certification. We will build on the various APIs that will integrate with the system and provide a simple, scannable method for technicians and their employers to share information on certification.
The key benefit – A range of digital courses that build on and enhance existing face-to-face training and a streamlined process for logging and sharing technician accreditations.


Stage 3

It’s vitally important to STL USA that we play our role in developing a workforce capable of supporting the growth in wind over the coming years. That’s why the end game in digital is not about simply selling more of what we’re great at. As our training system evolves we will add additional partner content, much of which will be free to access for technicians looking to develop their knowledge and skills. And that’s what we believe a true digital resource should be, technician focussed with valuable resources that help everyone.

Watch this space!


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Leading technical training for wind technicians

Leading technical training for wind technicians

Meet the instructors leading technical training for wind technicians at STL USA - George Silliman.

STL USA is delighted to be working with George Silliman who is leading technical training for wind technicians. George has been working with STL USA for nearly two years and has worked with the company to develop its wind technician technical training program. Starting with GWO Basic Technical Training STL USA is now adding more platform and job-related training alongside the more safety focussed GWO courses. 

George is well known in the industry having spent 10 years with GE Renewables as the Lead Wind Training Instructor and having a host of in-field experience.

We had a chance to sit down with George and ask him a few questions.

How did you get into wind?

In 2006, the Wind division at GE began a massive hiring campaign and I was intrigued by the opportunities and had many of the technical skills they were looking for at the time. I posted out of generator manufacturing with the permission of my manager and was hired as a Product Service Engineer. I performed a dual role for the first 10 months, helping technicians troubleshoot wind turbines and created a process that helped increase turbine availability from 93% to 98% across our growing fleet. Coming from a blue-collar background, any time I couldn’t help return a unit to service remotely, I would get on a plane or drive to the site and work side by side with the Techs to return the unit to operation. That experience was invaluable to gain the deepest technical knowledge possible and learn how the units worked, but to also gain an appreciation for what the Techs go through on a daily to keep the units running. In 2010, I made the transition to Lead Training Instructor and have loved every moment of my job since.

How long were you in the field?

The first 3 years of my career was spent in and out of the field troubleshooting, servicing, designing aftermarket products and services. After I became an instructor in 2010, I spent nearly every day in a wind turbine at the learning center until mid-2020 making sure they were safe, available, fault free, and ready for the next Instructor to train their students.

What attracted you to teaching technicians?

There is a sense of pride and satisfaction when you can provide a classroom of Technicians with the best information and skills, they need to perform their job safely, effectively, and efficiently. It’s an opportunity to share the knowledge and experience I have with my students, but it’s also a way for me to learn something from them to improve as an Instructor. Teaching has been and always will be a two-way street in my classroom. It’s a win-win.

What were some of the highlights?

Highlights of my teaching career include:
1. Training over 3600+ students in my career with zero injuries and 100% positive feedback
2. Helping a female student of a large organization, climb the ranks within her company from Technician to Site Manager with the best running site in her region to becoming a highly respected regional manager in a male-dominated field.
3. The handshakes, mutual respect, and appreciation from the thousands of students, regardless of their experience in Wind who have approached me after class to say thank you for the valuable information you provided, your teaching style, your patience, and your professionalism.
4. Working with STLUSA to help set up their world-class training facility in Abilene TX in late 2021 with the vision to expand their training capabilities beyond GWO and continue to provide exceptional technical training with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable Instructors in the Wind Industry for the benefit of those working in it.

Why is quality training so important?

Quality technical training leads to a safer working environment, less risk to those performing the work, greater technical knowledge, greater operating efficiency, higher productivity, more asset uptime, less wasteful spending, healthier bottom line, employee retention, and the necessary skills for employees to do their jobs at a higher level.


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Technical courses for wind technicians

technical courses for wind technicians

Announcing new technical courses for wind technicians

STL USA are delighted to announce we will soon be launching a range of technical courses for wind technicians. These courses will sit alongside the industry certification we offer in Global Wind Organization and NFPA 70E electrical safety.

All courses will be run from our new state-of-the-art facility in Abilene, Texas.  We will also be moving our GWO Basic Technical Training to the new site and adding GWO BTT Bolt Tightening and GWO BTT Installation modules. This will allow us to deliver a full range of certifications, basic and intermediate level courses for wind technicians.

Whilst it’s fair to say STL USA has been a key partner for GWO safety-oriented courses the addition of wind technician technical training will allow us to offer a rounded solution to our customers looking to train new hires or upskill their existing workforce.

As the market grows and becomes ever more competitive high quality training is a must for companies looking to cement their place in the industry. Technicians are the lifeblood of many in the sector and better trained technicians pay huge dividends through decreased downtime, better safety knowledge and job fulfilment.

The new range of technical courses for wind technicians will be split into beginner, intermediate and advanced courses, focussing on GE platforms: initially with further OEM platforms added later in 2023:


  • Wind headstart (2 day) -The Wind Start Training Module has been created to teach new hires the core technical fundamentals that every technician should know before breaking the plane of the tower dower. These core technical fundamentals are necessary to ensure their safety and are a key element to their success in the Wind industry.
  • GE 1.X/2.X  Basic Training (5 day)
  • MCE Up tower troubleshooting/training (Schematic reading, gearbox & generator) (2 days)


  • GE 1.X/2.X Enhanced Basic Training (5 day)
  • GE 1.X/2.X ESS Converter (4 days)



Bespoke Training

For either new hire or ongoing training needs. STL USA will work with you to build a bespoke training package for your new hires and your ongoing training needs.

These new courses represent the next step in STL USA’s development and form a core part of our core mission to build the workforce that drives wind forward.. 


Talk to Us about Technical Training

Register your interest and talk to a member of the STL USA team about building a training package that’s right for you.

GWO and Education

GWO and education

GWO and education - technical colleges and training providers working together


We recently took part in a panel discussion at a Cleanpower event, The future workforce. It brought together representatives from the sector including GWO training provider STL USA, GWO, and Texas State Technical College. It was a great opportunity for industry and education to come together and talk about how we will staff the wind sector in the coming years.

But, it also highlighted a key problem, industry and education are not aligned right now and they need to be. Many of the qualifications and certifications required by technicians are not taught in schools but they could be, easily.

Technical colleges in the USA have a responsibility to provide their students with high-quality education that prepares them for successful careers in their chosen fields. In the rapidly-growing wind energy industry, this means ensuring that students have the necessary knowledge and skills to work safely and effectively. One way that technical colleges can achieve this goal is by adopting Global Wind Organization (GWO) certification for their wind energy courses.

GWO certification is a globally recognized mark of quality that is widely recognized in the wind energy industry. Many employers require their employees to hold GWO certification, as it demonstrates that the individual has the necessary knowledge and skills to work safely and effectively in the wind energy industry. Therefore, by incorporating GWO certification into their wind energy courses, technical colleges can provide their students with a competitive advantage in the job market.

But the benefits of GWO for education extend beyond just career prospects. GWO certification covers a wide range of essential skills and knowledge areas for wind energy professionals, including safety training, working at heights, first aid, and fire awareness. By including GWO certification as part of their wind energy curriculum, technical colleges can ensure that their graduates are well-prepared for the challenges and demands of the wind energy industry.

Moreover, GWO for education can help standardize training and certification processes in the wind energy industry. By adopting a common set of standards and guidelines for training and certification, GWO certification can help to improve safety and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in the wind energy sector. Technical colleges that adopt GWO certification can contribute to this goal, and provide their students with the necessary skills and knowledge to work safely in the industry.

But technical colleges do not have to adopt GWO certification on their own. They can work with a GWO training provider like STL USA, a leading wind energy training organization, to adopt GWO certification for their wind energy courses. STL USA has extensive experience in the wind energy industry and is an authorized GWO training provider. Therefore, by working with STL USA, technical colleges can ensure that their wind energy programs meet the highest standards of quality and relevance.

Working with STL USA to adopt GWO certification can also benefit technical colleges’ reputations and attract more students to their wind energy programs. GWO certification is a mark of quality that is recognized globally, and technical colleges that offer GWO-certified wind energy courses can enhance the reputation of their programs. This, in turn, can attract more students to the program, and the institution can benefit from having a strong wind energy program.

In conclusion, technical colleges in the USA should work with STL USA to adopt GWO certification for their wind energy courses. GWO for education can provide students with a competitive edge in the job market, ensure that they are well-prepared for the demands of the wind energy industry, improve safety, standardize training and certification processes, and enhance the reputation and quality of their wind energy programs. By adopting GWO certification, technical colleges can provide their students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the rapidly-growing wind energy industry.

About the Global Wind Organisation

The Global Wind Organization (GWO) is an international non-profit organization that provides training and certification programs for professionals working in the wind energy industry. GWO was established in 2009 by leading wind energy companies with the aim of creating a safer and more productive work environment for wind energy professionals.

The organization’s primary mission is to standardize safety training and certification processes in the wind energy industry. The GWO provides a range of safety training modules for wind energy professionals, covering essential topics such as working at heights, first aid, manual handling, and fire awareness. These training modules are designed to meet the highest safety standards and are updated regularly to ensure that they remain relevant and effective.

The GWO’s certification programs are recognized by leading wind energy companies worldwide, and many employers require their employees to hold GWO certification before working on wind energy projects. GWO certification is considered a mark of quality and professionalism in the wind energy industry and is highly valued by employers and wind energy professionals alike.

GWO has a global network of certified training providers, who deliver the organization’s training and certification programs to wind energy professionals worldwide. These training providers must meet strict quality standards and are audited regularly to ensure that they continue to meet the GWO’s requirements.

Overall, the GWO is an essential organization in the wind energy industry, providing standardized safety training and certification programs that help to improve safety, increase productivity, and promote professionalism among wind energy professionals.



STL USA is one of the leading wind technician training providers in North America. Part of the Cresto Group, a network of safety solution businesses, STL USA enjoys an envious position within a global wind focussed alliance of companies. Constant improvement is built into the DNA of both STL USA and the wider group with training, and GWO at the fore of the solutions provided.

STL USA has a long history of working side-by-side with technical colleges. Born out by our relationship with TSTC which has seen us support the implementation of GWO courses into the college’s wind programs. The TSTC wind program is widely recognized as one of the best in the country. The addition of GWO only reinforces this giving graduating students a clear edge in the jobs market.


To find out how STL could help your college implement GWO contact us here.

STL USA reviews

Read the latest STL USA reviews and feedback

STL USA reviews and feedback are directly channeled into our training delivery to ensure we are constantly improving our courses and meeting the education needs of wind technicians. We’re rightly proud of the reviews we receive, it’s a reflection of the quality and competence of our trainers and our training facilities.

Latest STL USA 5-star reviews

“Hello I’m victor, I just took the BST GWO training and Marshall was my instructor. Let me tell you he was by far one of the best instructors in the field in my 5 years of experience. I learned new things that I never knew about lanyards and poisoning lanyards and my phone about the emergency contacts if an accident happens. Thank you, Marshall.”

“Learned a lot here! Polite and helpful staff. Such a comfortable environment to learn! They have a variety of up-to-date equipment and all instructors are very knowledgeable in their respective trades. If you need GWO (BST, ART, or BTT), this is the place to go!
Very happy with my experiences here. Every single person who works here is just awesome.
I qualified GWO BST, ART, and BTT as a teacher here. They are very informative and can help you to teach these courses effectively in a limited amount of time. If I ever have to teach more courses, I will go here!!
Great up-to-date equipment too. They got a ladder lift recently!”

“Had a great time learning and meeting everyone. They make learning about safety fun and taught me a lot about the industry.”

“Informative, Transparent, And Extremely Knowledgeable Class And Instructors!”

“Great facility to train at whether you are a new to GWO training or you just need a refresher course. Have gone through tons of training and this was one of the more enjoyable experiences. They have extremely professional staff that keeps you involved in class with great demonstrations. They also offer classes in Spanish as well as English which is really great if you have employees that speak both. Absolutely recommend STL in Abilene.”

The reviews above highlight some of the key features of the STL training courses:

  • Knowledgeable instructors with real field experience
  • A commitment to teaching beyond the standards
  • Multi-lingual courses, ensuring all technicians get the best teaching experience 
  • Best-in-class facilities with a wide range of equipment in use in the field
  • A commitment to ensuring what is taught sticks

As a business, we at STL USA are super proud of the reviews we receive. For more information on training get in touch here.

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Cresto Group has today acquired all shares in the British company Safety Technology Ltd. including its US subsidiary Safety Technology USA LLC.

Safety Technology is a specialised supplier of fall protection and rescue solutions with special emphasis on advanced training in working at heights. Safety Technology was founded in 2001 and is today established in Clytha, Wales, UK and in Abilene, Texas, USA. The company has a total of 14 employees and has a turnover of approximately MGBP 1.7 with good profitability.

“Safety Technology complements Cresto Group’s already strong position in the UK, primarily in the utilities and wind power sectors. The company’s successful establishment in the US also creates good conditions for further growth in North America “, says Patrik Malterling, CEO of Cresto Group.

“We are very much looking forward to joining Cresto Group, and to jointly continue to drive development in safety at heights and rescue, says the majority seller Bob Dickens. “We have known Cresto Group and its management team for many years, and our companies have similar corporate cultures and the same passion for safety at heights. “

Closing takes effect immediately.

Helsingborg, 16 November 2021

For Cresto Group press enquiries, please contact:

Patrik Malterling, CEO, Tel: +46 705 38 38 83

Johanna Ny, Marketing, Tel: +46 72 516 70 95

For STL USA press enquiries, please contact:

Ben Dickens, VP North America (512) 661-2570

Join the STL USA team.

Would you like to join the STL USA team?

We have three opportunities to join the STL USA team. We’re currently recruiting for two trainers and a back office role at STL USA as we continue to grow across the country.



STL USA has been operating in the USA since 2015, with two main training facilities located in Texas and Iowa. Part of the Safety Technology group of companies headquartered in the UK and with operations across Europe, STL USA extends the knowledge and experience built up over 20 years in wind energy delivering training and safety solutions for the largest global companies. STL USA is exclusively focussed on delivering GWO training across a range of standards to technicians working across the country. Thousands of techs have passed through STL USA training courses and the company ambition is to to grow rapidly in the coming years in line with the huge growth the wind sector is experiencing in the USA.


Job description: GWO Training Instructor x2

Location: Texas, flexible

Subject to an initial training period of 2-3 months depending on competency and experience. The training instructor will be expected to deliver company training programmes within the specified training procedures and accredited standards, for GWO. This includes a number of theory, discussion and practical elements across the modules; fire awareness, first aid, manual handling and working at height. The nature of GWO training is very practical and the instructor is therefore required to be able to demonstrate a number of course elements in a simulated wind turbine environment, therefore requiring a level of climbing competency and fitness.

The key tasks include:

  • Carry out company and Accredited training programmes and provision of training procedures as required.
  • Complete training documentation and records as required
  • Develop and improve training equipment and facilities as appropriate in line with the Technical Director.
  • Maintain training facilities and training equipment
  • Carry out product inspections, maintenance and re-certification of products.
  • Assist with the organisation and participation in exhibitions when required
  • Liaise with partner companies, specialist suppliers and organisations as required.
  • Implement effective health and safety including, writing, updating and following risk assessments, safe systems of work and company procedures.
  • Act as Fire Marshalls and First Aiders, and implement the company Health and Safety practices at all times.
  • Provide effective support and communication to customers and other team members especially internal sales administration, sales and directors.
  • Maintain company systems and procedures including enquiries, quotations and quality and training procedures. Auditing and review of customer feedback.
  • Carry out other duties as requested by the company such as site inspections, onsite training, overseas training and audits.


The role would suit somebody already working in wind energy, ideally in a supervisory role, safety role or with suitable turbine experience. GWO certifications are an advantage but anyone with a teaching/training background and the relevant working at height experience would be considered. It goes without saying the person must be comfortable working at height.

Salary and benefits: To be discussed (in line with market rates)


Job description: Office Administrator

Location: Texas, flexible

Responsible for the booking, administration and logistics of all training courses. Working with the Lead Trainer and VP USA and other members in the wider group company the Office Administrator is responsible for maintaining administrative policies and procedures, customert service and some basic finance duties.

The key tasks include:

  • Follow the 3 pillars or responsibility for training Admin, Facility Booking/Trainer Booking/Customer Scheduling and Admin
  • Upkeep of the USA training calendars
  • Organising trainer allocation
  • Ensuring all accredited practices are adhered to in terms of training admin and customer support following course booking, in relation to joining instructions, medical or dietary requirements (following medical guidelines for Doctor sign off if any specific boxes are ticked) and certification on completion of the courses
  • Data entry and continual communication with Training Manager/Sales Manager/Technical Director on courses and staffing
  • Liaise with the Inspection Manager on scheduling of trainer training courses from the skills matrix
  • Assist in audits internal/external bodies.
  • Raising customer invoices via Quickbooks
  • Booking and admin of lunches for training candidates and trainers
  • Booking of trainer accommodation and travel to onsite training
  • Archive all information necessary for annual auditing process
  • Audit training folders to ensure all documents for courses are completed, in particular onsite
  • Carry out other duties as requested by the company


The role would suit somebody in an existing administrative position, comfortable multi-tasking with a keen attention to detail.

Salary and benefits: To be discussed (inline with market rate)


If you’re interested in joining us please contact us via the link below or email us at info@safetytechnologyusa.com


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The state of wind energy in lockdown.

With many of us in wind energy in lockdown this weeks post speculates on where we’re heading.


So what is the state of wind energy in lockdown? So let’s get this out of the way the wind is still blowing, turbines are still turning and I have to say that most people I’m speaking with are continuing to operate, albeit under strict distancing guidelines. Of course a lot of us are classed as essential workers so we’ve had to adapt quickly to this situation. For STL USA in particular this has meant moving courses to an onsite format where we can but of course not every customer has access to a turbine or tower to conduct a training course.

On this note I’d like to give a major shout out to the guys at Cotech who’ve let us use their training facility in Houston whilst ours is shut.

The GWO have played their part by quickly developing a new partial online course for Basic Safety training refreshers. This course allows for 100% delivery online over the space of a few days via a virtual classroom format. The course is built around interaction and requires both instructors and technicians to demonstrate a series of actions within the curriculum as well as theory elements to gain the 6 month interim accreditation.

This is an exciting development for STL USA as we’ve been eagerly awaiting the launch of an online, blended course format to broaden our course offering across the USA. We’ve also spent some of our lockdown time accelerating our plans to bring the GWO ART course to the USA. This is something we’re particularly keen to have sit alongside our standard GWO safety training courses.

Our wider outlook for wind is still very positive despite the current lockdown. Wind energy is proving itself to be a cost effective source of energy generation and with numerous new developments in the pipeline including the major offshore farms we still believe well end 2020 in an upbeat mood.

The second half of the year will see us looking further afield from our traditional mid-West base in the “wind corridor”. The next stage of our growth will be focussed on the offshore market, our longer term goal is to begin delivering GWO Sea Survival from a strategically located training center by the end of 2020. This is about 4-6 months behind our initial plan but hey Covid-19 came along so we hope you’ll forgive us.

All that’s left for us to do is say a big thank you to all our people who have worked tirelessly during this difficult time, for our clients patience and to the wider wind community for hanging in there.


If you’d like to talk about how we can support you GWO training get in touch.


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