Cleanpower OMS preview

OMS preview

Join us at Cleanpower Operations, Maintenance and Safety 2023

Once again we’re looking forward to exhibiting at Cleanpower Operations, Maintenance & Safety. This year brings a change of venue to the Marriott World Center Orlando. Whilst we will most certainly miss San Diego we’re looking forward to some Florida hospitality and a chance to reconnect with our customer base from all over the country.

This year our VP Ben Dickens will be taking part in a panel discussion alongside Dan Ortega from GWO and Billie Jones from TSTC. They will be discussing training the workforce of the future, something on everyone’s mind. This is particularly relevant given the striking demand for workforce growth wind will see over the next 10 years. Ben and Billie particularly will be keen to discuss how industry training such as GWO can be incorporated at an earlier stage in education and how this can ease training pressure on employers and speed up recruitment.

STL USA will be exhibiting at stand 507, come and say hi! We will also be joined by our colleagues from Cresto Group who will be showcasing a range of PPE and rescue devices specifically for the US market.

As ever it’s sure to be a great conference, we can’t wait to see familiar faces and meet new customers.

See you in orlando.


Live from AWEA OMS2020

We’re live at AWEA OMS2020, come and see us at booth 314.

We made it to OMS2020 from London to San Diego! We’re super proud to be exhibiting at this year’s American Wind Energy Association O&M safety conference. This year we are showcasing some brand new equipment alongside our GWO training courses in Iowa, Texas and soon to be Kansas City. It’s been a great opportunity for us to meet with our partners, customers and make new friends in the wind community.




This years attendees from STL USA are Ben Williams and Ben Dickens. As we’ve been told having two Ben’s makes it easy to remember! This year our agenda is super focused on the labour challenges faced by the wind sector. Discussions we’re having at OMS2020 will enable us to develeop a raft of course programmes that address these issues directly. As a long standing GWO member it’s vitally important that we work together to manage these challenges in a safe and sustainable manner.


Come and say hi, Booth 314.


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What we’re discussing at AWEA O&M safety conference.

As we get closer to heading to San Diego for this year’s AWEA O&M safety conference we thought we highlight the key areas of focus for STL USA.

This year’s AWEA O&M safety conference will be a great opportunity to connect with our friends and colleagues across the industry, discuss the topics that really matter and work out how we can collectively solve these issues together. STL USA will be exhibiting on booth 314 come and find us.

For STL USA our focus this year is on a number of key areas including; developing offshore capability, launching Basic Technical Training and working with the labour supply chain to ease the bottleneck of trained technicians entering wind.


Offshore safety training, GWO Sea Survival.

With significant developments taking place on both the East and West coast, including the Ocean Wind site, demand for offshore technicians has never been higher. This puts huge pressure on the need for GWO Sea Survival courses, located within a sensible travelling distance of the fields. Currently the market is very thin. Offshore facilities have historically been centred around the Oil and Gas sector, located around the Gulf of Mexico but this needs to change given winds development on the East and West coast. To this end STL USA are actively seeking out sites to ensure we can meet this demand from the growing sector.


Developing Technical training, GWO Basic Technical Training

We believe that 2020 will see increasing importance placed on the need for technical training in the wind sector. As demand continues to grow for trained individuals only so much can be serviced from techs moving across sectors, in-house training and labour movement. We believe that 2020 will be the year where BTT becomes a key access point for people wanted to work in wind, whether high school or college leavers or those transitioning from unrelated areas. Ensuring a consistent flow of manpower is going to be crucial and we’re lucky that this is also recognised by our partners at Texas State Technical College.


How can we move people into wind energy faster?

Recent conversations with partners and clients have led us to explore the manpower problem from all angles in recent months. We clearly have an issue in the sector, there’s not enough technicians and not really enough places to train them. These are classic teething problems of a fast growing sector and something we’re keen to address. Ideas we’ve explored include a credit based system for experienced workers at height to gain credits on GWO course for existing qualifications, a transition path covering technical course modules and safety. We haven’t got a definitive answer to this question, what we do know is that we will need to come together as a sector to address this issue. New course formats and markeing criteria will need to be developed, tested and rolled out. AWEA O&M safety conference is a perfect place to do this, we look forward to speaking with you there.


AWEA O&M safety conference will be busy, the best way to ensure a conversation with STL USA is to book a meeting slot. Just click the link below.


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Looking ahead to AWEA O&M 2020

AWEA O&M 2020, join us at this year’s AWEA Wind Project O&M and Safety Conference in San Diego.

AWEA O&M 2020 takes place this year on the 26th and 27th of February in San Diego. STL USA will be there showcasing our latest GWO training services and taking place in a number of panels on training and safety systems.

There are now over 56, 000 wind turbines with a combined capacity of 100 gigawatts (GW) of wind energy in the ground and 22 GW expected offshore by 2030 across the United States.

But what’s the impact looking like for operations in the 2020s? Larger turbines, advances in storage and predictive maintenance are the types of technology trends that have the potential, if done right, to create more efficiencies and more reliable energy. A successful wind project requires more than top-notch technology; its most important asset are the people who maintain the projects.

Despite wind and solar technicians being the two fastest growing jobs in the country, the industry is struggling to meet the needs of a growing number of projects, many of which are coming off warranty. Owner operators are faced with the daunting task of meeting these needs on a tighter budget while continuing to keep the safety of their techs as the top priority.

How can the industry practically leverage technology like digitalization, crane-less work, and drones to ensure the safety of their workers? What efforts are underway to properly prepare and train workers? This year’s O&M and safety conference will focus on these important workforce issues for owner operators.

Safety Technology USA will be front and center on these discussions as we bring our global training experience to the fore. The USA is not alone in experiencing these challenges, more mature wind markets in Europe have worked through the same growing pains. With a history of training across Europe and beyond Safety Technology USA are well positioned to support owner operators through this period of fast growth.


Meet us at O&M, booth 314 in the Coronet Room.

Click below to arrange a meeting time.


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